Welcome to Kampong Speu Province! 
During my YAGM year I will live and work with the NGO Life with Dignity in the Kampong Speu Province. My site is in a rural district near the mountains. Below are some photos to give you an idea of daily life at my service site. 


The first building is the office and meeting space for LWD. The second building is the living area for the staff.
View of nearby mountians from building at site.
This is the road where I live!
The entrance to the Buddhist pagoda (temple) across the road from my site. The Buddhist festival, Pchum Ben, is currently going on so I hear music and prayers from the pagoda throughout the day and night.
After the work day if finished, the staff and community members at the site like to play volleyball until it’s too difficult to see the ball (the sun sets around 6:15pm). Games are always filled with laughter and fun!
The sun setting duirng an evening storm. The colors are brilliant but change and fade quicly. Always a reminder to enjoy the small moments and to be present.

I have also had the opportunity to explore the area surrounding my site. It is truly beautiful – rice fields, water, and mountains. What more could you need? 

One of the local communities runs a community-based ecotourism site. This site attracts toursits to a nearby waterfall, demonstrations of Khmer cooking and crafts, and a chance to stay with families from the community. Recently I visited the waterfall with the cook from my site. The 3km walk was worth the view! 


Entrance to the ecotourism site.
The beautiful, powerful, huge waterfall. I would guess it is about 40 km high.
Playing in the waterfall. Very refreshing after the sweaty hike!


Narong and I along the trail to the waterfall.
I encourage you to find the beauty in the moment, in the place where you find your feet. 
With peace and a full heart,

– H


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